Game Over

Byerouth never made it to Ivory Coast.

It left the United Kingdom but didn’t make an appearance on the African continent.

Game is over 🙂

thank you to all who contributed! It was fun! And anxiety inducing!




Paris Paris combien
Paris tout c’que tu veux
Boul’vard des bouleversés

Florence to Paris

The Euro-tour of Byerouth is still going. *jealous*

Amsterdam to Florence

Dubai to Amsterdam

KSA to Dubai

Kudos to Mazen for these shots [taken with an injured wrist] Get well soon peanut (:



From Qatar to KSA

I’m so glad BYEROUTH is making it so far!

*secretly prays: please don’t get lost please don’t get lost please don’t get lost *

Sydney – Doha

Thanks Ted (:
Byerouth is flying to Qatar.

Myro! Merry Christmas to you! Who said Santa doesnt go to the desert? 😉